Packaging Add-ons: What They Are and How to Use Them to Boost Your Retail Business

It’s a great time to be in retail. The retail boom is still going strong, and it doesn’t seem like the retail business will slow down anytime soon. With that being said, there are several challenges retail businesses face on a day-to-day basis. One of those challenges is how to stand out from competitors.

Packaging add-ons are the retail world’s answer to an ever-changing customer base. Packaging add-ons can help with this challenge! With consumers demanding more from retailers, it is essential that retail businesses stay up-to-date with their packaging schemes. Packaging add-ons have been in retail for a long time and continue to provide benefits for retail business owners. Retail boxes are one of the most popular types of packaging add-ons because they offer many different promotional opportunities for retailers without adding additional cost.

This blog post will discuss what packaging add-ons are, their benefits for retail business owners, and more!

What Are Packaging Add-Ons?

Packaging add-ons are items that retail shop businesses can offer their customers for an additional fee. Packaging materials typically fall into this category, but packaging boxes often have retail value as well, such as with customizable retail packaging boxes and custom printed retail packaging boxes. The main goal of these types of products is to build customer loyalty by providing a product that the customer will be more likely to want to purchase in the future when they come back to your store!

Benefits of Packaging Add-Ons

Adding a new type of package or design might seem like too much work, but it actually has some major benefits for retailers:

Increased Revenue

The added revenue from selling different variations on packages could easily be enough justification for making changes, especially when it comes to retail packaging.

Differentiation and Competition

If your retail store is in a market where there are too many competitors, sometimes you have to make changes that will help differentiate your company from the others- such as new types of retail packaging!

Ease of Purchase

Customers who find their favorite package at the retail level might be more likely to come back to purchase it again or on another occasion than customers who don’t know what they’ll get ahead of time when purchasing retail products.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Adding different types of packages can also increase customer loyalty because people want something special and unique for themselves, which sets them apart from other shoppers out there! But before you go implementing any new designs, there are some things that you might want to consider like quality, durability, and costs, etc.

  1. Ease of Use

Before adding retail packaging, take a few moments and think about the ease of use for your customers- make sure they have no issues finding what they need once it’s in their hands! You also want to be aware of any safety concerns or risks associated with different types of retail packages. For example, are there sharp edges? Is the package too heavy and might cause injury if dropped from certain heights? This can all contribute to an overall customer experience at your retail location, making them more likely to come back again later on down the road.

  • Product Safety Concerns

Some products may not survive outside storage conditions such as heat/extreme cold or humid environments (depending on their packaging). This can lead to retail product recalls and less traffic at your retail store.

You want to be sure that the packaging is secure so customers won’t tamper with it or break into your retail package for their own personal gain, as well as when you are shipping products in bulk containers outside of retail stores.

  • Product Labeling Concerns

Retailers should consider labeling all packages containing liquids (or other hazardous materials), so they know what’s inside the retail box! Without proper labels, these types of packaged items could potentially cause injury if handled without due care by a customer.”

Types of Add-Ons

There is a wide range of packaging add-ons to choose from, and retail shops should ideally have all these solutions in order to fill the needs of their customers.

Labeling Tape:

This is a clear or colored tape that you can put over your labels, so they stay intact when shipping packages around.

Packing Foam:

This foam helps protect retail products during transport. It also helps in storage by absorbing shocks and keeping them secure within the retail box.”

Shipping Label Holders:

These holders help keep shipping labels on top for easy viewing without having to peel back layers of packaging materials.”

Tape Gun Dispenser:

Some retailers need an extra hand attaching packing tapes but don’t want it exposed on display at their store. That’s where this convenient packing tape dispenser comes in.

Packing Tags:

These tags are a great way to ensure retail packaging remains identifiable when moving from one retail space to another.

Rope Tie Downs:

The shipping ropes can be used as tie-downs for securing the retail products during transit and then removed at the final destination.

Extra Padding:

These pads help protect retail items that need extra protection. An online printing company make this possible by adding an additional layer of cushioning around them.

Reusable Shrink Wrap:

Some retailers may want to reuse this wrap on their product after opening it. This is where the reusable shrink wrap comes into play. This type also has less plastic waste associated with it because you don’t have to buy a new one.


Dividers are placed between retail items inside a shipping box to help keep them from bumping into each other. This is especially important if the retail products have fragile surfaces or angles that could be easily damaged in transit.

Display Window:

These windows are very useful for retail stores that use retail packaging as a marketing tool. The window can be used to display retail product details, such as price or ingredients list, while still keeping it closed and sealed inside the retail package.


A retail business may want to offer packaging add-ons because it provides an opportunity for them to increase their revenue without any problems. There are several packaging companies that make these boxes according to your product needs. You can find a suitable supplier and can get the best of the best packaging options for your different products.

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